Time Crisis: Razing Storm

Time Crisis: Razing Storm

Time Crisis: Razing Storm provides hours of trigger-happy action and includes two other light-gun shooter games.

Time Crisis: Razing Storm [ИгроПроходимец + Strannik] Part 001

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Time Crisis Razing Storm – 1 Credit Clear – 1/4 – 4,008,500

Here’s a 1 Credit Clear run on Razing Storm, with a 4 Million Score, Very Fast and No Damage, playing on the PlayStation 3 version of the game. Please enjoy!

Razing Storm is a Namco Arcade Light-gun/Rail Shooter Game released in 2009, released on PS3 in late 2010, in the “Time Crisis: Razing Storm” (or Big 3 Gun Shooting) game pack, with Playstation Move support, however I use the Guncon 3 here.

Razing Storm is very similar to Crisis Zone in many ways; you use a machine gun, there is a lot of destructible scenery, an enemy marker point appears when you are about to get hit, which you can cancel by shooting at it quickly, there are 4 stages, and you should play the game quickly to score high.
Razing Storm is also similar to Time Crisis, with the pedal/hiding/reloading and the gameplay, it is made by the same team. They even stuck Time Crisis in front of the title of the game on the console version, most likely to help people know what the game is like.

However, in Razing Storm you are now given extra guns to use in certain parts, which makes the game more fun! You are given a Rocket Launcher and a Cluster Shot gun to take down the bigger enemies, like the Raptors and Krakens and the bosses, and you can just blow everything up instead too. I find it to be the best thing in the game.

There is also a Sniper section in Razing Storm (Stage 3-1), which is enjoyable and challenging, the only problem is that it is easy to get found, and you lose a lot of potential points if you get found. I think they could have made better use of this.

Razing Storm has licensed music, which can be a bit of a pain for uploading videos to sites like this!

The Machine Gun controller used in the arcade weights a heavy 1.5kg, it even warns you of this! It sure makes the Time Crisis guns feel light.

Razing Storm isn’t hard in my opinion, and is only difficult if you really try to combo everything. Playing safe is quite easy to do, and the difficulty only ramps if you play it 2 player. Ready to show off your shooting skills in Krunker? Go to https://kevin.games/krunker-io to get started.


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