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Bill Pepitone

For New York City Mayor

“We can rebuild the City’s spirit and bring back its heartbeat and its magic.”

Bill Pepitone stands for
Medical Freedom of Choice

Supporting New Yorkers’ right to choose. He opposes and will remove mandatory COVID vaccinations, mask mandates and vaccine passports, while empowering parents to make decisions regarding their childrens’ health and safety.


New York City needs a strong leader who has a history of standing up to criminals and anarchists. A leader who will protect our citizens from crime, bureaucracy, and governmental overreach.



In the wake of the pandemic, New York needs a common sense Mayor who can stabilize our economy and bring people and business back to our city.



In these turbulent times, we need someone who will put an end to divisive politics and bring every community together under one banner-that of New York City.


Bill Pepitone will restore public safety, overhaul our failing education system, revive our struggling economy, and unite a badly divided city.

He’s the only candidate who can.

Interview with Maria Bartiromo on FOXBusiness.

Bill Pepitone comes from a family that has served New York City for three generations. He spent his adult life protecting New York City.

We need him to do it again.

As Mayor of NYC

Bill Pepitone will:


Support and raise the morale of the NYPD and implement proven, proactive policing tactics to end the violence on our streets.


Return to ‘Broken Windows’ policing to improve our overall quality of life.


Overhaul our failing education system by prioritizing real academic and social growth and ending the current administration’s radical agenda.


Support small businesses by loosening regulations and eliminating bureaucratic obstacles that strangle our business owners and investors.


End the homeless/mental illness crisis through proactive outreach, counseling and supportive, permanent housing.


Streamline government by eliminating inefficient, unproductive positions and wasteful, politically motivated programs.

Bill Pepitone

Bill Pepitone is a retired member of the New York City Police Department, with over 30 years of law enforcement, public safety and operational management experience.




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“We must not sit idly and watch the intentional destruction of the greatest City in the world!”

Bill Pepitone